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AirBnB Services




My AirBnB photos are taken, edited and styled using the same procedures as my MLS photos.

But in addition to the wide-angle views that are used in real estate photography, AirBnB photos require more detail. Here you are not selling a house - you are selling an experience! So in addition to my 14mm lens, I zoom in with a 24mm lens and a 50mm lens for mid-range and detail shots highlighting your amenities.

Also included with AirBnB photography is perpetual-use licensing - you can use the photos for an indefinite amount of time vs. MLS listing photos which are one-time, short-term use only. 




Multiple photos are taken at varying angles and altitudes (up to 400 feet) with a DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone.

All aerial bookings include a 360° click and drag as  shown below. Click Kuula to see my gallery of 360's. 

Drone flying is dependent on weather conditions at the time of shoot. Drone flying cannot take place in controlled or restricted airspace (usually near airports).

* I am a FAA Part 107 Certified UAS Pilot




The entire home is scanned with my iPhone using LIDAR technology (including all levels, basement, attached garage, porch and deck).

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